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The Swiss social security system

People living and/or working in Switzerland is subject to the Swiss social security system. Even though each person is insured on an individual basis there are exceptions to this rule, these exceptions are set out on the social security agreements stipulated by Switzerland.


Anyone subject to the Swiss social security system pays contributions and is entitled to benefits, in certain circumstances contributions could be reimbursed.

To ensure the equal treatment of citizens from both Switzerland and other States, a bilateral agreement on social security has been signed to determine the rights and obligations of the citizens involved. Such bilateral agreements has been concluded by Switzerland and a number of countries called signatory states. Switzerland has also concluded multilateral and bilateral agreements with EU and EFTA member states.

The Swiss social security system offer protection to those who are working and living Switzerland, these come in form of pension, unemployment benefit and family allowances. The Swiss social security system is divided into five parts:

  • old-age, survivors and invalidity insurance (three-pillar system)

  • protection against the consequences of illness and accidents

  • income compensation allowances in case of service and in case of maternity

  • unemployment insurance

  • family allowances

The social security system in Switzerland is essentially a three-pillar system:

First Pillar: State Provision

Instruments: AHV, IV, EO / MSE

Objective: safeguarding minimum standard of living

Second Pillar: Professional Provision

Instrument: BVG

Objective: maintaining accustomed standard of living

Third Pillar: Private Provision

Instruments: 3a + 3b pillar

Objective: voluntary independent provisioning

AHV - old-age and survivors insurance

IV - Invalidity insurance

EO / MSE - Income loss insurance and maternity compensation

BVG - occupational pension

3a + 3b pillars - private pension funds

HumanX, as a Swiss agency in possession of federal and cantonal authorizations for the staff leasing, utilizes a software approved by the Swiss certification body Swissdec for the generation of payrolls.

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