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Hard & Soft Skills in the Aerospace Industry

When the time comes to evaluate a Candidate for Aviation maintenance / production activities, there are two fundamental criteria to take into account: Hard and Soft Skills.

With Hard and Soft Skills, we can interpretate the professional and personal profile of a Candidate, tailoring the manpower needs for our Customers around the World.

With Hard Skills, HumanX HR Team evaluates some “measurable” characteristics, like licenses, trainings, and more in general, the mandatory technical experience of an Aviation Professional.

Soft Skills are equally and, in some cases, even more important, as are indispensable to correctly fit a Candidate in an Aviation maintenance / production environment: Soft Skills are related to personality, verbal and visual communication, listening, adaptability, reliability, problem solving and Team playing, just to list a few.

Each Customer is different and needs the right mix of Hard and Soft Skills, to integrate their Teams and improve with efficiency and cost reduction; our Customer’s objective is our objective: HumanX HR Team is here to find the right Aviation Professional for the right Company, to find the perfect characteristics’ mix to fit any requirement.

HumanX can count on a large pool of Aviation technicians, and we can proudly say, our HR Team takes the time to meet each of them personally; reliability is one of our strongest pillar: we trust our People, so that you can trust them too.

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