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Disassemble and assemble: being a cabin mechanic

To guarantee the safety onboard aircrafts must undergo a complete overhaul every six years at the very least.

A cabin mechanic inspects, repair and troubleshoot all problems related to the interior of the aircraft, which includes: seats, carpets, lavatories, upholstery, cabinets, panels, walls, floors and lightings.

Duties behind a cabin maintenance are complex and challenging, all mechanics must always be concentrated and pay attention to every detail. During each inspection the mechanics never know what kind of problem they will discover. Punctuality is a requirement when it comes to overhauls, there are schedules that must be respected, every airline has strict flight plans for each aircrafts and must guarantee a safe takeoff for all passengers.

As a start, all the interiors of the aircraft must be dismantled, inspected, repaired and/or replaced and finally everything must be placed back to where it belongs.

The cabin team has different tasks to carry out and so are divided into different other teams: those in charge of the seats will inspect and repair the ones that need maintenance and, if needed, replace the parts that are no longer in good conditions. Carpets, walls, panels, lavatories, upholstery and cabinets are removed and inspected as well by another team who will take care of the repairs and/or replacements and cleaning, once all these parts are removed from the aircraft it will be possible to check and find all the defects on the walls, ceiling and floor.

Behind every maintenance work there is a dedicated, passionate, reliable team work that provides safety for all passengers.

HumanX selects the most qualified staff to provide the needs of our clients, and we always make sure that both employees and customers are satisfied with our services.

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