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Check your time! My HumanX Reserved Area

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

More and more technology must help companies and workers to simplify processes.

In Switzerland, one of the most advanced countries in the world, there is no lack of technology companies; in the HR sector, the AI (Artificial Intelligence) has developed a system to simplify the selection process and help the employees to always have a clear vision of their situation.

The primary concern of HumanX is to simplify the management of the self-interest of our employees and customers, we think that the more efficient the better.

We offer an advanced AI where employees and customers have their own reserved area: employees will always have everything under control directly from their smartphone or computer and customers will be able to choose our candidates easily.

The candidate can easily register his profile on MyHumanX, check out all the new available job position and apply to the Ad they are interested in.

All applications will go through the selection process, each CV will be evaluated and in case they will fall within the requirements they will be shared directly with our customers.

Each candidate, once hired, will be able to find in his reserved area his contract and all his payslips.

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