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Are contract-jobs for everyone?

2020 has been a hard blow in the Aerospace Industry, a year spent in uncertainty and loss. Despite this huge loss contractors were able to keep their career in track.

Having a permanent job does not always guarantee certainty as most people think. In some cases having a permanent job won’t lead you any further than your current position, this could cause discontent and stress.

Contract-jobs are not for everyone, they could be beneficial but they also have cons, let’s see in detail all the pros of being a contractor:

  • The rates are higher, which means that even working for a few months could provide you with a satisfying salary;

  • Employees get to expand their knowledge by working in different Companies and achieving new skills that in a permanent job won’t be able to have;

  • Depending on which Company an employee will work, different benefits will be provided, for example the travel expenses or the accommodation, these could be really helpful for those who want to save more money;

  • If the Company the employee will be working for is not what he/she expected, they could quit the job with two days of notice during the first three months, seven days notice from the fourth up to and including the sixth month, and one month notice from the seventh month (this applies in Switzerland).

On the other hand, these could be the cons of being a contractor:

  • Discontinuity, hours and rates vary in each Company, depending also on the project the contractor will be working on;

  • Flexibility, being away from home for a long period of time could not be a thing for everyone, so before starting the contractor’s path, the employee must take into consideration that a contract job could last for months;

  • Not knowing if the contract will be extended or not.

By knowing all the pros and cons an employee may be facilitated on taking this job opportunities in consideration.

We as an Agency take the needs of each individual employee very seriously and ensure that the employee is satisfied with our work. We are always available to help each candidate to undertake the contractor’s road and to always be present when in need.

HumanX is the preferred Swiss Recruitment Agency specialized in providing qualified Staff for temporary contracts in the Aerospace Industry, join our team and create your profile today!

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